Individual Software Solutions

Business Apps

Concept, design and development of business apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Customized to your needs. At a fair price.

Web Applications

Customized web applications for your business. Build on Java and using the latest HTML technologies.

Software as a Service

No software installs. No maintenance at your end. Pay as you go. Learn why Software as a Service is revolutionizing the industry.


Consultancy services during the planning and implementation of software-related projects to improve business processes.

Concept, design and development of cloud enabled software solutions. For web, desktop and mobile.

SaaS Products


Tracking Time

An intuitive, yet powerful time tracking application that helps freelancers and small teams to see where their working time goes. Automatic time sheets, project and time reports and much more.

Ozono Digital Signage

Manage dynamic content on your digital signage networks from the comfort of your couch. Automatic content delivery. Centralized multi-channel management.

Molho App

For wine lovers: Molho transforms the iPad into an exclusive, interactive wine list for bars and restaurants, that you can edit and update online. Bring your menu to life!

Tech Journalism

Diego Wyllie writes regularly for some of the most prestigious german publications on information technology.